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Professor of International Management

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Exporttag Advantage Austria

My International Management team at UIBK, in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute for International Business at WU Vienna, intior, and the eXplore! Initiative, organized a workshop at the Exporttag 2023. The event, hosted by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, was the largest ever with approximately 4,000 visitors and featured an impressive program. During the workshop on “Data-Supported

Alia project website online

The project website for the Alia AG went online yesterday. For this project, I have been helping to develop an actionable impact measurement system for the B2B loan market. The Alia project is in development still, but you can check out the website (in German) here:

Newspaper articles on my research

Two recent newspaper articles have picked up on my research. The first one ( builds on my recent research paper on human-AI interactions, which I mention in the post below. The second one ( is about how firms can know whether internationalization is a good idea for them, and which resources they will need if

Accenture Guest Talk

Robert WeiƟ joined us on Tuesday to give a talk about his experience with digitalization projects in the HR sphere: Robert shared his insights from a variety of consulting projects, and we joined approximately 50 students from International Management and International Finance classes for a close-of-semester dinner.

AYPT 2022

This year’s Austrian Young Physicists’ Tournament happened this weekend. It was an impressive set of presentations and discussions. After three prelim rounds, the finals saw the teams from Innsbruck APP, Hungary, and Georgia compete for the first prize. It was a tight fight, with Georgia emerging first, followed by Innsbruck in second and Hungary in

I started a new job!

As of May 1, I started a new job as full professor of international management at the University of Innsbruck. There is still a lot of work in terms of setting things up, but the university has posted a first “welcome” message, which I share here: Looking forward to new challenges and adventures!

AYPT 2021 April 8-10

The 2021 AYPT tournament for young physicists is ongoing April 8 to April 10. The tournament is fully digital again. There are 12 teams competing, and the finals will hapen on April 10 in the afternoon (CEST). Access to the event is available through The tournament is part of an intervention under IO2 in

EIBA 2020 online conference is now live!

The EIBA 2020 online conference ( has now kicked off with the usual pre-conference activities. The grand opening follows later today in the EIBA fellows’ opening plenary. You can join the conference on the OnAIR system if you follow this link (and if you are registered):

EIBA 2020 preliminary program online

We have now collected and arranged all accepted submissions for EIBA 2020 into the first version of the conference program. If you are interested in IB research, check out the program here:

EIBA 2020 submission system online

After an eventful week of building the submission system, authors can now upload their contributions to the EIBA 2020 submission system. As program chair, I will be working closely with conference chairs Jonas Puck and Lucia Piscitello on putting together an exciting digital conference. If you are interested in submitting your work or in revieweing