Thomas Lindner

Professor of International Management

The value of sustainability

I gave my first talk in a law conference last week. The conference was on sustainability in corporate law (thanks to the conference host Alexander Schopper and his team), and my contribution investigated the financial market assessment of corporate sustainability. The materials presented at the conference are available on the UIBK corporate law site (,

Workshop on politics in IB

Vera Kunczer will organize a workshop on IB and politics at WU in June. This workshop is the first in a series of workshops sponsored by EIBA. If you work on an policy angle in IB, check out the call for papers:

Alpine Winter Conference Proceedings

We had the first Alpine Winter Conference last week, with a focus on populism in IB research. The meeting was hybrid, with faculty from all over the world joining a small group in Vienna and Innsbruck. Discussants identified quite a few months of extra research, and papers received a lot of helpful feedback. A great

A CV update for 2021

This is an updated CV including what happened in 2021.

Migration paper acknowledged by Women in the AIB association

Our paper on how migration may provide resources to multinational companies, published in the Journal of International Business Policy ( has been acknowledged by the WAIB association as a top ten paper on migration and diversity (

#fincap research results available online

Over the last months, I have contributed to the #fincap research project ( In this project, a large co-author team has engaged in a pre-registered (at Open Science Framework: investigation into how the research process influences errors in published research results. After a presentation on November 23 with our data sponsor Deutsche Börse (the

Preliminary program for winter conference

We now have a preliminary program for our winter conference on populism in IB. You can find (continuously updated) information about our conference here: We have a good number of outstanding researchers who will join us for the conference in Vienna and Innsbruck, and I hope the Covid situation will allow a smooth event!

Estimated energy transition cost

I came across this paper today (, which estimates the cost of global transition to renewable energy. It’s a remarkable paper methodologically, and the findings point towards massive economic benefits of a rapid green-energy transition.

Winter conference on populism in IB

In preparation for our joint Special Issue in the Journal of International Business Policy (, my co-editors and I will organize a small conference at WU Vienna and University of Innsbruck in January 2022. We will follow-up on the discussion we had in our panel at the 41st SMS conference, and discuss research on the

Best Reviewer Award at AIB 2021

The Academy of International Business recognized its outstanding reviewers, and I was lucky enough to be one of them – love it when academia also rewards reviewing work!