Thomas Lindner

Professor of International Management

Research report on non-standard errors

Together with Simon Hartmann, and a group of 100+ co-author teams, I have contributed to a research report indicating that the approach researchers take to testing hypotheses makes a big difference in terms of findings in quantitative empirical research. The research report is now forthcoming in the Journal of Finance. The last working paper version

CV update 2022

An updated CV including what happened in 2022.

New paper on asymmetric risk preferences and corporate capital structure

In our new paper (co-authored with Jonas Puck and Giulia Stocco), we connect prospect theory and the static trade-off theory of capital structure, using international variation in asymmetric risk preferences. The paper is available online-first here:

New image video at my research center

The research center Strategic Leadership, Innovation, and Branding at UIBK has created a new image video highlighting our research from the last years, and emerging research areas. Check it out here:

Newspaper articles on my research

Two recent newspaper articles have picked up on my research. The first one ( builds on my recent research paper on human-AI interactions, which I mention in the post below. The second one ( is about how firms can know whether internationalization is a good idea for them, and which resources they will need if

New paper on human-AI interaction

In a new working paper (available on my faculty page:, Ben Greiner (, Philipp Grünwald, Georg Lintner, Martin Wiernsperger (, and myself explore how people interact with AI-driven decision-support systems. We specifically look into incentive structures, and differences between “pure” AI advice, and human-augmented AI advice.

New paper on ML in JIBS

Together with my co-authors Jonas Puck and Alain Verbeke, we have published a new paper on how ML may help IB researchers in solving tricky econometric challenges, particularly when no clear econometric solution exists. Check out the paper (open access of course) here:

New JIBS paper on supranational institutions

Together with Simon Hartmann, Jakob Müllner, and Jonas Puck, I have just published a new conceptual article in the Journal of International Business Studies: The paper is open access, check it out!

Accenture Guest Talk

Robert Weiß joined us on Tuesday to give a talk about his experience with digitalization projects in the HR sphere: Robert shared his insights from a variety of consulting projects, and we joined approximately 50 students from International Management and International Finance classes for a close-of-semester dinner.

AYPT 2022

This year’s Austrian Young Physicists’ Tournament happened this weekend. It was an impressive set of presentations and discussions. After three prelim rounds, the finals saw the teams from Innsbruck APP, Hungary, and Georgia compete for the first prize. It was a tight fight, with Georgia emerging first, followed by Innsbruck in second and Hungary in