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I started a new job!

As of May 1, I started a new job as full professor of international management at the University of Innsbruck. There is still a lot of work in terms of setting things up, but the university has posted a first “welcome” message, which I share here: Looking forward to new challenges and adventures!

How to use peer feedback for business school teaching

WU’s Future Learning Now newsletter includes an interview I gave on using peer feedback in my graduate and undergraduate teaching: The central reason why I think using peer feedback for teaching is because it encourages critical reflection on the perspectives from which complex problems can be solved. Check out the full interview (in German)

Paper on hierarchical modelling in Journal of World Business

My paper with Jonas Puck and Jonathan Doh on “Hierarchical modelling in international business research: Patterns, problems, and practical guidelines” has just been published in Journal of World Business. We discuss the International Business literature using hierarchical methods, and suggest ways to make the methods’ applications in IB more consistent. The full paper is available

AYPT 2021 April 8-10

The 2021 AYPT tournament for young physicists is ongoing April 8 to April 10. The tournament is fully digital again. There are 12 teams competing, and the finals will hapen on April 10 in the afternoon (CEST). Access to the event is available through The tournament is part of an intervention under IO2 in

A CV update including 2020

A copy of my CV as per end-of 2020.

Short video on recent AMJ paper available

WU Vienna has just posted a short video ( on a recent paper Sinziana Dorobantu, Jakob Müllner, and I have published in the December issue of the Academy of Management Journal. The paper explains how diverse groups of banks come together to finance some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects. The paper is available through

EIBA 2020 online conference is now live!

The EIBA 2020 online conference ( has now kicked off with the usual pre-conference activities. The grand opening follows later today in the EIBA fellows’ opening plenary. You can join the conference on the OnAIR system if you follow this link (and if you are registered):

Paper in AMJ December 2020 issue

My paper with Sinziana Dorobantu and Jakob Müllner on alliances in project finance investments has now been published in the December 2020 issue of Academy of Management Journal: There is also a short video about the paper in the AMJ dynamic edition (you need to be an AOM member to view the video

Video: One Minute, One Paper

WU has published a short video on one of my recent publications (with Vera Kunczer and Jonas Puck) on its youtube channel. This is the link: The paper the video is based on is available (via open access) here:

WU Project Grant

Together with Jakob Müllner, I have received a WU project grant to investigate how populism influences firms’ international strategy.