Thomas Lindner

Professor of International Management

Publication with Moritz Putzhammer, Jonas Puck, and Arjen Slangen in Journal of International Management! “Multinational firms’ pace of expansion within host countries: How high rates of pro-market reform hamper the local exploitation of foreign expansion knowledge”

Although increases in corporate ownership positions in foreign markets occur frequently, the factors that determine how quickly such increases occur are underexplored. Combining international business research on experiential learning, knowledge recombination, and pro-market reform, we hypothesize that a firm’s international experience with ownership increases has a positive effect on the pace at which the firm implements an ownership increase in a host country, but that this effect is weaker during periods of quicker pro-market reform in the country. We find support for our hypotheses in an analysis of Austrian firms expanding in Central and Eastern Europe, suggesting that, rather than merely being beneficial to foreign investors, pro-market reform also poses a challenge to them. The full paper is available here: